And the market forces play

Time for a commercial break. This goes out to all my readers in the Northampton area, particularly those who may be in the market for a photographer – perhaps because they’re planning to acquire a passport, or because they want to celebrate the purchase of a nice new sundial. There are many local businesses competing for your custom; I might mention Profile Photography, Charles Ward Photography or Harvest Studios. Then there are John Roan Photography and PRS Digital – the list goes on. Weddings, of course, are big business for photographers, in Northampton as in other areas. (I had a wedding once, and a very nice day out it was.) If a wedding is on your agenda – assuming once again that you’re in the Northampton area – you might want to consider going to Nene Digital Wedding Photography, or getting the whole thing on video courtesy of April Productions.

I’m not able to endorse the quality of the work carried out by these businesses, as I know nothing about any of them. However, they do have one point in their favour, which sadly isn’t shared by one of their competitors. None of these businesses has attempted to gain cheap publicity by spamming the comments section of this blog. For that, I salute them.

(CC’d by email to… you know who you are.)

[Update: the offending photographer was only the first in a stream of comment-spammers, all of whom have presumably signed up to a particularly scummy direct-marketing service. Deleting them individually was getting to be a pain, so all comments are now giftrapped (thanks to Chris for the term). Sorry about the inconvenience.]



  1. Anonymous
    Posted 22 August 2005 at 23:18 | Permalink | Reply

    Excellent blog! Please visit this site

  2. Anonymous
    Posted 23 August 2005 at 13:33 | Permalink | Reply

    Hey Phil – were all those missing comments just more robospam, or is Mr Northants weddings getting arsey? I note that you’re now giftrapping your comments.

    Chris W

  3. Phil
    Posted 23 August 2005 at 17:54 | Permalink | Reply

    Chris – just more spam. Gits.

  4. Anonymous
    Posted 23 August 2005 at 20:49 | Permalink | Reply

    By the way, can I point out that I think that my coinage of ‘giftrapping’ today is rather neat and ought to make me famous?

    Except it’s a jpeg. Bugger.

    [googles further…]

    And some mac graphics spod has used ‘gif trap’ already in another context. And some fine open source spamtrap coder fellow has already used it in precisely this one. Curse you, reality!

    Chris W

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